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• Wild science: Biologists collect data to preserve turkey populations

With a snap, another band is secured around the wild turkey’s bare leg. A small black box containing a GPS tracker and VHF transmitter is tied on its back. A steady ping resonates from a handheld receiver, verifying the device is operational.

• Saving Lions

The Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE) recently built the new addition to its facility to save the lives of two of its lion cubs. Because of people’s love for animals and willingness to give, CARE has built and sustained a facility that not only rescues animals, but also saves their lives.

• Searching for words

Death of a childhood friend and family member shakes writer.

• A life defined: Living with autism

A mother grapples with her son’s autism and his ascent into puberty. She talks about her struggle raising him and his struggles attending school as a teenager. This article won first place in feature writing from the Texas Press Association in 2013.

• Pilgrim’s Pride Bankruptcy

A woman is laid off along with many others from the largest local employer in rural northeast Texas. The company was sold after filing for bankruptcy.

• A Ranger’s Ranger

A retired Texas Ranger remembers the speedy pursuits and close calls.

• Group has no doubt Bigfoot is real

This is an odd story about a Texas group that says Bigfoot and skunk apes are out and about. They share harrowing tales of close encounters.

• Area fights surge in syphilis

Reported syphilis cases have increased from 13 in 2007 to peak at 131 in 2009. Of Gregg, Upshur, Smith and Rusk counties, Gregg County led in reported syphilis cases in 2008 with 58.

• After the storm: Local Arkansas flood survivor talks

Hertha Whatley, 74, is thankful to be alive. She walks around her home in the Pine Tree area with a walker, because of deep bruises and torn leg tendons. Although she is sore and has to take pain medicine and antibiotics, she says she is recovering. Pictures of her family hang on her walls and she is even more thankful her family survived.


• Furries

Inside the fandom and one of the world’s top furry conventions

• Mystery Krew: Seriously funny and other oxymorons

Young comedy rappers talk about inspiration and creation.

• Fishboy: March into madness

The trio of Eric, Scarlet and Grahm make up Fishboy, a local indie pop band that promises to transport their audiences into a fantasy realm residing mostly, if not solely, in Eric’s delightfully demented and twisted imagination

• Jumping in with Old Potion

Old Potion’s sound is something I don’t get enough of. It feels good to listen to. Imagine meeting an old friend for the first time in years and instantly rekindling that connection. It’s new and exciting but comfortable with old feel.


• No holds barred

As the sun sank Saturday night, Bridgeport was awash in golden rays and smackdowns.
Fans gathered behind Red’s Take 5 Sports Bar for a ridiculous athletic exhibition – professional wrestling.

• The ‘reel’ thing

Lake Bridgeport gets windy, Bunch said. Nevertheless, he said it’s one of the best lakes around, and now is the time for some great fishing. Lake Bridgeport is a bit off the beaten path and Bunch said that is a big draw for some people. They come out because it is quiet.

• Gone fishing; Population healthy, access limited

Lake Bridgeport was about 22 feet below conservation level, a downward trend that began in 2010, exacerbated by an extended drought but the fish are plentiful.

• Brass, birds and smoke

Young shooter gets Olympic level training in Colorado