Swimming in January

It’s fairly cold outside, at least for Texas. I can’t say our weather competes with the like of the Midwest or the Arctic, but it’s chilly. That being said, the last thing I figured I’d shoot this week would be swimming. Thankfully it was indoors. I have not shot swimming before so this was definitely a learning experience and timing is everything for a couple reasons. The first and most important is to get a face in the shot and some decent action and the second is to stay dry as the athletes splash quite a bit while turning. It was a lot of fun and I encourage folks who are just getting into sports photography to shoot this. It’s fast, indoors, and the action is pretty predictable. These folks have to swim in lanes after all. Of course, I say it’s a good place to get some sports action chops, I can see how this sport would take a lifetime of shooting to master.