The music of my processing

I listen to a lot of music. I’m not an expert in any one genre and my tastes are eclectic to say the least. I also don’t spend much if any brain power on memorizing album titles, band members’ names or what they play. I know some trivia like Neil Peart was the drummer in Rush, Robert Plant is a bad ass, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been playing together since the ’80s, but for the most part I’m not that hip to what hot. I guess that is a little strange, seeing how much music photography I do. Regardless, music is integral to me and my process to processing.

I’m not big on overly processing my images. I like the truth of the image, at least what truth there is to tell. That said I’m not totally against creative editing in photoshop, it just doesn’t really fit in my genre very often. I often find myself processing a large number of photos as quickly as possible, as I am usually on deadline. This kind of workflow is aided by fast-paced music. Rock can get little heavy, so I usually stick to hip hop, but most hip hop isn’t really my style. “What do you actually listen to?” you may ask. Nerdcore hip hop. Mc Chris is my favorite. I crank up Spotify and listen to Hoodie Ninja and Nerd Cave and crank out some photos.