Interview with the Used’s Jeph Howard

First Article from SXSW from me, published in the UK.

Winding through Texas and onto Arizona during his band’s tour with Taking Back Sunday is a long haul for anyone, but it is more of the same for the road worn band mates of The Used.

Veteran rockers Bert McCracken, Quinn Allman, Jeph Howard and Dan Whitesides recently jumpstarted a two-month, 30-stop tour starting in Dallas, Texas, circling the United States and ending in Florida.

Bassist Howard said touring with Taking Back Sunday has been great despite Eddie Reyes’ biting habits, but is looking forward to time off, but that is likely not too soon. “There is no next there is only now and today,” Howard said. “This record is just starting. We have at least a year or two worth if touring before we get a big break. But this is a good thing.” During time away from touring and recording in the past, Howard has taken to traveling with his wife. He says traveling is the only way to really learn and explore life. Other than time with family, Howard says the real challenge is doing nothing.

“It’s a lot harder than you think,” Howard said. “When is the last time you did nothing? I mean no thinking, no worrying, no concentrating. Just doing nothing.” Since their inception about 13 years ago, the Used have often been labeled as screamo, punk, and even heavy metal ‚ labels the band often demises along with any worries about how well their work is received.

Read more at Fused Magazine


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