Portrait series: Currently, there are two projects I'm working on. One is exploring the cultural ideal of following your dreams into a career and the other is a portrait series utilizing instant film. A third project over the lives of people with autism will never be complete but instead a lifelong pursuit I will add to periodically. Story clips: This includes some of features that have won accolades from the Texas Press Association. Photography: This is my photo portfolio featuring news, sports, and portrait pieces. I have been recognized by the National Newspaper Association, the National Press Photographer Association, as well as, the Texas Press Association.

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Outdoor concert and instant film

Outdoor concert and instant film

October 13, 2014

I was shooting a concert in Fort Wort at a bar called the Flaying Saucer (if  you’ve never heard of it, I’d say put it on your list of musts) and I decided it was a great time to pull out my RB67. I know I’ve posted quite a bit about this camera, but damnit […]

Small town festival

Small town festival

September 29, 2014

Old cars, old folks, old tractors … perfect for old school instant film. Photos below are taken with a Mamiya RB67 and Fuji’s FP-100c instant film.

Comments from clients

Comments from clients

September 23, 2014

It occurred to me that adding some reviews from past clients is a good practice. So I’ve added a few. Of course, they are all wonderfully positive as you would expect from my PR machine. You think I’d put anything negative about me on this thing? If you’re really interested in my past foibles come […]

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