Portrait series: Currently, there are two projects I'm working on. One is exploring the cultural ideal of following your dreams into a career and the other is a portrait series utilizing instant film. A third project over the lives of people with autism will never be complete but instead a lifelong pursuit I will add to periodically. Story clips: This includes some of features that have won accolades from the Texas Press Association. Photography: This is my photo portfolio featuring news, sports, and portrait pieces. I have been recognized by the National Newspaper Association, the National Press Photographer Association, as well as, the Texas Press Association.

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Looking for more work

Looking for more work

September 19, 2014

I’m always on the lookout for more freelance work. Every penny counts. Therefore I’ve joined this website called Thumbtack. I have fallen in love with portraits, so I’m hoping this brings me more portraiture assignments. It’s a pretty great site, not just for photographers, but also for carpenters, plumbers, writers, etc. If you need something […]

The start of a new project

The start of a new project

August 26, 2014

The idea behind the project is exploring the idea of attempting to follow your dreams. Many people were told that they could be anything they wanted to be and some take it to heart. They try to be rockers, wrestlers, cowboys etc. Some make it, many don’t. I’m getting with mostly younger folks just starting […]

Photographing NYC

Photographing NYC

July 29, 2014

It can be incredibly hard to focus in New York while taking photos. There is so much to see and do the shot you want to take can slip away instantly. It would be easier if I had been there before, or lived there, but as a tourist and photographer, I was stunned and elated […]

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