Behind the lens

By Jimmy Alford

No, this isn’t me, this is Liam, a cool cat who sang with a heavy metal group in Washington state. By Jimmy Alford

Sometimes the perfect style is no style

Jimmy Alford • • 214.609.8871 • Dallas, Texas

The headline above is a rip off from a quote about Bruce Lee. It was all about how one system of fighting wasn’t the end-all-be-all,

By Jimmy Alford

and you had to train yourself to be an individual, not a part of system. That’s me. I’m the guy who spends all his energy being as good as he can at many disciplines. On any given day I’m shooting portraits, news, sports, or commercial work and it’s great.

That’s enough with the the marketing, here something about me — I was born in a rural town in northeast Texas. I’m a small town guy who fell in love with photography and then writing later. I started working for newspapers out of high school and went to the University of North Texas, where I earned a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Photojournalism.

By Jimmy Alford

I have traveled and told many great stories, but the best story is always around the corner. I’m still learning, I’m still exploring new techniques and new styles. As long as I’m on the right side of the grass, I’ll be learning. That is what makes me … me. When I’m behind the camera, I put everything I’ve learned and experienced into my work.

Currently, I work full-time for a newspaper here in Texas. They have been good enough to let me pursue freelance, where I write and photographed for magazines, trade publications and websites, like TheCreatives, GOMC, and

Awards of excellence 2013

I was honored with two Awards of Excellence in the National Press Photographer Association’s annual Best of Photojournalism competition for works in Contemporary Issues and Portraits and Personality.

Three in a row

I have won three consecutive first place awards in feature writing. Two are with the North and East Texas Press Association and one is with the Texas Press Association

More awards

• In 2013, I won several awards at 2013 NETPA, including: feature writing – first, page layout – second, second* and fourth, column writing  – second, sweepstakes – second, special section – second. I also shared in a first place win in Sports coverage.
• I was awarded second place in page design and shared in a sweepstakes at TPA in 2013.
• I also won a third and fourth place photography award from the TPA in 2013.
• I won second place in news writing from the TPA in 2012.
• I won several awards at 2012 NETPA, including: feature writing – first, page layout – first, general excellence – second, news writing – second, news photo – third, sweepstakes – third, feature photo – fourth, sports photo – fourth, special section – first, news photo – second, sports photo – second.
• Awarded third place for best magazine cover design by the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association in 2010, second place for best front-page design by the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association in 2009, third place for best page design by the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.

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