Portrait series: Currently, there are two projects I'm working on. One is exploring the cultural ideal of following your dreams into a career and the other is a portrait series utilizing instant film. A third project over the lives of people with autism will never be complete but instead a lifelong pursuit I will add to periodically. Story clips: This includes some of features that have won accolades from the Texas Press Association. Photography: This is my photo portfolio featuring news, sports, and portrait pieces. I have been recognized by the National Newspaper Association, the National Press Photographer Association, as well as, the Texas Press Association.

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Iron Cowboy

Iron Cowboy

March 2, 2015

Rodeo has got to be one of my favorite sports to shoot and there is no rodeo event more hyped up than bullriding. It’s fast, and dangerous and not unlike NASCAR, the fans are watching for the big wrecks. I shot PBR’s Iron Cowboy event Saturday at AT&T Stadium. It was amazing and fun. If […]

Big cats

Big cats

February 28, 2015

I got to take some photos at an animal sanctuary. I can strike being tackled by a tiger off my bucket. It was a cub, but I’ll leave that out of my memoirs. They’re some beautiful creatures.

Covering the news

Covering the news

February 2, 2015

Fires are some of the most exciting and heartbreaking things to cover. From a photojournalist’s point of view, it’s a little strange, because a fire is inherently beautiful and terrible all at the same time. You sit around campfires as a kid, staring into the flames and embers as they lick at the night. Orange, […]

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